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Legal ICT

Legal ICT

Legal ICT is a Dutch firm specialized in Internet, ICT and intellectual property law. We provide concrete, practical and affordable legal advice and legal documents. Because Internet technology and ICT develop so rapidly, legal advice in these areas requires a solid knowledge of both law and technology.

This is where Legal ICT provides its added value. Instead of long documents full of ‘legalese’ concluding with ‘it depends’, we deliver advice that is to the point, easy to understand and imbued with technical knowledge. It is good to know that you don’t have to explain us what a domain name is while the meter is running, and if you want to use PGP to send us confidential information, you can.

By cleverly utilizing ICT in our work processes, we also improve efficiency, which is ultimately reflected in affordable prices. Our document generators can be used to quickly, efficiently and very affordably create a legal document tailored to your specific situation and needs. Particularly for start-ups and SME’s this provides a very cost-effective tool to professionalize their businesses and minimize legal risk. Larger enterprises can also count on us to deliver expert advice on complex issues.

Legal ICT’s mission and vision

We strive to be the leading experts in the intersection between ICT and law. We are modern, flexible and creative, with a clear focus of delivering knowledgeable and practical advice at an affordable price.

Legal ICT is not a law firm in the traditional sense. We do not initiate or defend lawsuits but instead focus on our speciality: legal advice about Internet and ICT law. If you need representation in court, we are able to refer you to several excellent Dutch attorneys and law firms.


Depending on our client’s needs and preferences we can offers fixed fees, hourly invoice and prepaid bundles.

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